Alphabetical Index of Songs

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A Distant Song (PDF)
A Matter of Time (PDF)
A Planet Called Melody (PDF)
The Anything Machine (PDF)
Apology (PDF)
Baby Wants a Penguin (PDF)
Behind the Mask (PDF) (MP3)
Belief (PDF)
Beyond the Sky (PDF)
Brain Sludge (PDF)
Breaking Orbit (PDF)
Buttercups and Roses (PDF)
Butterfly Wind (PDF)
Cable Car to the Sky (PDF)
Café Underground (PDF)
The Candy Tree (PDF)
The Candy Tree (PDF)
Canvas (PDF)
Change Winds (PDF)
Chickasaw Mountain Walk (PDF)
Children of Tomorrow (PDF)
Cinnamon Rain (PDF)
Circles (PDF)
Coal (PDF)
The Cold, Cold Sun (PDF)
The Colors of You (PDF)
Come With Me (PDF)
Comes To Your Love (I'm Depending On It) (PDF)
Connections (PDF)
Countdown (PDF)
Counting to Infinity (PDF)
Counting Up (PDF)
Crosstime Bus (PDF) (MP3)
Cruising (PDF)
Crystal Dance (PDF) (MP3)
Cut the Police (PDF)
Dance by Starlight (PDF)
Dark (PDF)
Darkness (PDF)
Dark Moon Rising (PDF)
Dark Star Lady (PDF)
Deep Dark Chocolate (PDF)
The Destroyer (PDF)
Dinner Party (PDF)
Dream Rider (PDF)
Dream Ship (PDF)
Dream What You Want (PDF)
Dreamers (PDF)
Dreams of Distant Lights (PDF)
Dressing Like a Penguin (PDF)
Electric Skies (PDF)
Elements of Disaster (PDF)
End of the Line (PDF)
The End of the World (As We Know It) (PDF)
Entropy (PDF)
Everything Ends (PDF)
Falling Toward Orion (PDF)
Far Horizon (PDF)
Fire in Her Eyes (PDF)
First (PDF)
Flying on a Rainbow (PDF)
Follow the Rising Stars (PDF)
Fortunate Sun (PDF)
Fortune's Child (PDF)
Games that Children Play (PDF)
Genie in a Bottle (PDF)
Godzilla Stomp (PDF)
Going There With You (PDF)
Good Advice (PDF)
Good God, Almighty! (PDF)
Good Intentions (PDF)
Gulf (PDF)
Gunga Wells (PDF)
Half a Chance (PDF)
Halloween (PDF)
Hanging Harry Truman (PDF)
Happily Ever After (PDF)
Hard Drive Calypso (PDF)
Haunted (PDF)
The Horse of Silver Gold (PDF)
Hyperspace (PDF)
Hyperspatial Network (PDF)
I Knew (PDF)
I Wonder Where We're Filking Tonight (PDF)
If (PDF)
Illusions (PDF)
I'm Gonna be a Hero (PDF)
Imagination Rising (PDF)
Inconstant Moon (PDF)
Into the Day (PDF)
It's All Right (PDF)
It's Very Dark (PDF)
Jennan (PDF)
Juicy Details (PDF)
Jump In (PDF)
Just Play (PDF)
Kathleen Sloan (PDF)
Kinda Mediocre Actually (PDF)
Lamplight (PDF)
Last Ship Outbound (PDF)
Laundry Day (PDF)
Legends (PDF)
Library Song (PDF)
Long Night of the Moon (PDF)
Look at Me (PDF) (MP3)
Love at First Sight (PDF)
Lunatic Moon (PDF)
Make a Joyful Noise (PDF)
Make a Trade (PDF)
Marvelous Me (PDF)
Masquerade (PDF)
Michelson-Morley (PDF)
Midnight Girl (PDF)
Mindripper (PDF)
Miracle Man (PDF)
Mirror (PDF)
Moonlight (PDF)
Mother and Daughter (PDF) (MP3)
Mrs. O'Brien (PDF)
Mrs. Schaefer (PDF)
My Husband, the Filker (PDF)
My Very Best Secrets (PDF)
Never Was (PDF)
New Frontier (PDF)
Night Flowers (PDF)
Nine Things (PDF)
Nobody Calls (PDF)
Not Everybody Dies (PDF)
Of Dogs and Men (PDF)
The Old Centauri Run (PDF)
One Last Battle (PDF)
One Last Dance (PDF)
Out to the Stars (PDF)
Overture (PDF)
Oz (PDF)
Passport to Genre (PDF)
Pieces (PDF)
Postcards From the Stars (PDF)
Power (PDF)
Primarily Yours (PDF)
Promises (PDF)
Puppet Master (PDF)
Questions (PDF)
Rare Earth (PDF)
Reader's Waltz (PDF)
Reality Breaks (PDF)
Reflections (PDF)
Remember the Hyatt (PDF)
Remembering (PDF)
Request (PDF) (MP3)
Requiem (PDF)
Riders of the Rim (PDF)
Road Trip (PDF)
Roulette (PDF)
Run (PDF)
Run, Cassie, Run (PDF)
Running Down the Stars (PDF)
Running Down the Storyline (PDF)
Save The Titanic (PDF)
Second Class Fans (PDF)
Seven Miles a Second (PDF)
Shades of Gray (PDF)
Shadow of the Nighttime (PDF)
Shai 'Nuff (PDF)
Sharing (PDF)
Shining (PDF) (MP3)
Silver (PDF) (MP3)
Silver Inside (PDF)
Since I Fell (PDF)
The Sinister Walk (PDF)
Snowflakes (PDF)
Solar System Survey (PDF)
Son of a Son of Isildur (PDF)
The Songs of Distant Earth (PDF)
Space is Dark (PDF)
Spin the Planet (PDF)
Starbow's End (PDF)
Starlight and Gold (PDF)
Starry Weather (PDF)
Strong Poison (PDF)
Stuck On You (PDF)
Stuff (PDF)
Taking Down Your Names (PDF)
Teaching Song (PDF)
Teenage Popsicle Girl (PDF)
There Goes Time (PDF)
Third Planet From The Sun (PDF)
Time After Time (PDF)
The Title Will Follow (PDF)
Too Many Years (PDF)
Too Much Sugar (PDF)
Tornado (PDF)
Trapped (PDF)
Turn Around, Look Around (PDF)
Voodoo Love (PDF)
Waiting For Tomorrow (PDF)
Wandering (PDF)
We Can Change the World (PDF)
Weekend Away (PDF)
What Do You Want? (PDF)
Why We Don't Let Gordy Go For Ice (PDF)
The Wind From Rainbow's End (PDF)
Wings (PDF)
Winter Waltz (PDF)
Wise Guys (PDF)
With You (PDF)
Wonders (PDF)
Working the Convention Blues (PDF)
The Wrong Side of the Sky (PDF)
You Are My Life (PDF)
You Should Know (PDF)
Your Star (PDF)
Zeta (PDF)