Dream Ship

Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

I write most of my songs with a guitar in hand. This song was written in the car driving through the cornfields of central Illinois on my way to Minicon one year. It's very peaceful there. And very flat. (And the guitar was safely in its case.)

Seriously, this is strongly influenced by the stories of solar-sailing ships that I read in "Boys' Life" when I was growing up -- probably one of my earliest exposures to science-fiction.

You may also notice that -- unlike most of the other songs that appeared on "The Grim Roper" -- there is a distinct lack of casualties here.

Cmaj7                            Fmaj7
Dream, sailing your ship through space.
Cmaj7                      Fmaj7
Dream, here in this silent place.
Fm6              C
Sail away on the solar wind.
Fm6                   C
Silver sails take you back again,
Light reflecting in
C                      Bb
Gleaming webs like the spiders spin
Guide your way.
      C    Cmaj7
Sail away.

Dream, sailing among the stars.
Dream, put into port at Mars.
Reddened world in a darkened sky.
Load supplies and away you fly,
Phobos passing by.
You can touch it if you want to try.
On this day,
Sail away.

Dream, sailing the solar tide.
Dream, gossamer sail spread wide.
Catch the light from the trailing sun.
Sailing on till your journey's done --
Make another one.
New voyage's just begun.
On your way.
Sail away.

 C      Cmaj7