Good Intentions

Lyrics and Music ©2006 by Bill Roper

My friend, Sam, posits that time travel will not be invented in his lifetime since a future Sam didn't show up to prevent his first marriage. I'm not so sure about that.

       E7                                 A7
I went walking in the time stream just to save myself some grief
          D               C7            E7
Cause I remembered when I made a big mistake.
  E7                                 A7
I figured that I'd greet myself with positive relief
     D                C7                 E7
As I showed the safer path that we could take.
    D                                E7
But as I slipped inside that ancient dormitory door,
  D                          E7
I found a half a dozen of me waiting  maybe more.
   E7                                   D
My younger self walked in the door  he didn't look surprised.
   C7                 D              E7
"I thought when I got older, I'd get wise.

	  E7(5)                             A5(5)
	I know you're only here with good intentions,
	        D9(10)          C/E(8)         E7(5)
	But I'd like you all to know I'm doing fine.
	I didn't call for cosmic intervention.
	     D9(10)      C/E(8)                E7(5)
	Stop trying to unwrite the life that's mine.
	     D7/9(3)     C7                    E7
	Stop trying to unwrite the life that's mine.

You're here because I'm taking the wrong major.
You're here because I'm dating the wrong girl.
But I didn't hit your number on my pager.
I didn't call you here to save my world.
I know you want to make a small improvement in my life
And make things slightly better  save me from a bit of strife.
I appreciate your efforts  I appreciate your time,
But I think I'm gonna keep the life that's mine.

You surely must remember that we've tried this all before
And nothing worked out quite the way you planned.
So we put it back together with a temporal restore
And another dozen mes to lend a hand.
Now I'd like you all to go back to your proper time and place.
I'd like to use a mirror if I want to see my face.
If you really think it necessary that you make a change,
Go find some other life to rearrange.

(Chorus twice, but stay on 5th through 10th frets on last chorus.)
	     D9(10)      C/E(8)                E7(5)
	Stop trying to unwrite the life that's mine."