Lyrics and Music ©1981 by Bill Roper and Clif Flynt

Ok, can you just tell that Clif and I were trained as chemists?

If you're playing this, note that the chords on the last line should be pretty random. And pretty much all wrong.

A              D          A           E7
Physicists say entropy is random disarray.
     A              D            A              E7
It's little bits of entropy that light up every day.
D           A
Entropy for everyone.
D           E7
Entropy for me,
       D             A            E7        A
For as Gibbs said of entropy, the energy is free.
Fans create pure entropy whenever they're around.
They're the biggest source of entropy that man has ever found.
Whenever fans are gathered
At a party or a con,
If there's no increase in entropy, there's nothing going on.

Entropy can be defined as signal rate to noise.
As the entropy increases, then the message is destroyed.
Entropy is wonderful.
Entropy is grand,
But I think that all this entropy is getting out of hand.