Fire in Her Eyes

Lyrics and Music ©1988 by Bill Roper

This, I think, would be a case of a relationship where there are some serious expectations to meet.

Dm                  F                    G                    Dm
Watch her moving -- she's familiar and I know I've seen her before.
Dm                F                       G                      A
Vagrant memory -- I can't place her and I know there ought to be more.
Dm           C                G                 A
Why does she smile at me as I stand here by the door?
Dm                       C                G      A
Does she know me?  Is it just my memory's lies
A                     Dm      Em/D     Dm    Em/D
About the fire in her eyes?

Crossing over -- fight the feeling 'cause I know she's feeling the same.
All confusion -- only certain that my memory's not to blame.
I know we've never met and still I know her name.
What's the secret that can make the memory arise
About the fire in her eyes?

		G                         Bm             A
		Watch them glowing as the power takes control.
		G                         Bm           A
		Feel the memories as they burn into my soul.
		G                     Bm              A                 G
		All these things I've never known and things I'll never see,
		A                G              Dm            A
		Engraved upon my memory now and now a part of me.

I don't know her -- yet I've know her and she's teaching me how to live.
She's a stranger -- she's my lover and the memory's hers to give.
And now I can't forget and half of me can't forgive.
Is it magic?  And a whispered echo replies,
She's got fire in her eyes.

		There her lover died and he was me.
		Within her soul she trapped his memory.
		Found me on another world where we had never met.
		Am I he or am I me -- I can't remember yet.

Now I love her and I fear her, and she's taking me home to stay.
Am I real, or just a memory?  I don't know -- can anyone say?
And does she have the power to make me go away?
Twisted mirror of a life now mine through surprise
And the fire in her eyes.