New Frontier

Lyrics ©2001 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©2001 by Bill Roper

This is Gretchen's fault. She and Judith Hayman were corresponding and complaining about the shortage of actual science fiction and fantasy in filk. And Gretchen noted that the FKO songwriting contest had "Things in the News" as its topic instead of something SFnal. About a week later, the topic was changed to "To Mars and Beyond". Of course, after that, we were honor bound to write something for the contest. As I recall, we finished second or third, which isn't half bad...

(Capo 2)

     G                       C              D
I've seen the world and I've seen a million places
        C          G           A                 D
Where explorers roamed now are filled with human faces.
      G                   F               
And I want to go where no human eye has seen
            C                                      D
But there's no place left that's like that on this world of blue and green.

	          G                   C              D
	We need a new frontier 'cause civilization's killed it.
	       G                      C             D                    
	Need a new frontier and we're gonna have to build it.
	          C          D               G               E7
	There's a bright red planet floating there among the stars.
	     A                   D             G
	With grit and guts we're gonna make it ours!

We need some heat and air that's fit for breathing,
So we'll send our probes to the solar system's leavings.
And our robot ships will send comets crashing down,
And we'll see the flares from Terra as they hit the Martian ground!

We'll build our world a necklace made of mirrors	
To expand the light just as if the Sun were nearer.
And the ice will melt, ancient rivers run anew,
And we'll sow the seas with algae that can crack the CO2.

We will plant new life on a world that's ripe for seeding.
We will chase the wind and we'll roam where it is leading.	
And our mirrors' light will make our greenhouse soar
And we'll sail on Martian oceans where no man has gone before!

We need some men and some women born to trouble
To rebuild a world using ice and rock and rubble.
But the price we pay means she won't meet Terra's fate
'Cause the home you have to work for is what you'll appreciate!

(Final chorus) E7
     A                   D             G
With grit and guts we're gonna make it ours!