Far Horizon

Lyrics and Music ©2000 by Bill Roper

I like my job. I really do. But there are days...

        D       Dmaj7  G
Well, I used to be a groundling,
        D        Dmaj7  G
Another pounded, beaten-down thing
         D       Dmaj7    G
Like the mass of folks surrounding
            Em7              A7
‘Till I had all that I could take.
        D      Dmaj7 G
My life wasn't going badly,
          D       Dmaj7      G
But I was running through it madly
          D     Dmaj7      G
‘Till the day I found that sadly,
  Em7             A7
I had too much at stake
      Em7           A7      A7/F
And I had to make a break.

D       Dmaj7       Em7
Catch a ship to the far horizon.
D    Dmaj7   Em7
Wake up to a new sun rising.
D      Dmaj7      Em7
Live a life of my own devising
On a world I never knew.
I can do what I want to do.
D  Dmaj7        Em7
No one with the right to make me.
D  Dmaj7          Em7
No power with the strength to break me.
D   Dmaj7    Em7
Wherever the starwinds take me
On the far side of the sky,
Listen to my cry:
I can fly!

There are folks who think they know me
And they thought that they would show me.
But I couldn't let it throw me,
Let them stamp me bought and paid.
I left pieces of my life there,
But I'd had too damned much strife there.
Living balanced on a knife there,
Staring down upon the blade
With every choice I made.


It was not what they'd expected,
But I soon had them corrected.
Left them standing there rejected
And took off for far away.
Now I live a better life here,
Traveling far across the light years.
And no matter where the wind steers,
I will rise to meet the day
And there's always time to play.


  A7                           C9
I might have stayed around and lost my mind and screamed.
A7                                   C9
Now there are more stars around than I had ever dreamed.
    A7                               C9
And worlds I thought I'd never see appear beneath my gaze.
     Em7                                 A7
I am sleeping through the night and I am living for the days.