Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

Well, you see, there was an Iron Filker round at ConClave that included me, Wulf, and Tom Smith. We had half an hour to write a song where the secret ingredient was "table lamps". Wulf won the competition with "Table Lamps of Cthulhu". Tom also wrote a funny song.

This one, not so much. :)

     Cmaj7        Am7                 Dm7             G
It's easy getting close to you in the sunshine of the day,
    Cmaj7           Am7             Dm7            G
But how're we gonna do it, when the sunshine goes away?
      Dm7               G                  Cmaj7            Am7
Yeah, we might sit here in the dark, but I love to see your face,
       Dm7                                               G
So the lamp here by the sofa might make this the perfect place.

          Fmaj7                        Am7/G
There's a table lamp beside us and the lights are getting low.
       Dm                               G
We can spend some time together and see just where things might go.
       Fmaj7                                 Am7/G
If you want to spend the evening, then let's spend it side by side
        Dm                                  G
And I'm glad to see you're smiling and your arms are open wide.

I like the conversation when you're nestled in my arms
And I've got no reservation as I'm reminded of your charms.
We talk of this and talk of that, of all the strangest things
And with just the aid of fifty watts, our love is finding wings.

It's good to get to know you with the lights turned on so dim
And I'm glad to hear you tell me I'm a better man than him.
It's been a lovely evening and I love to see your smile.
I'm glad the lamplight let us sit together for a while.