End of the Line

Lyrics and Music ©2011 by Bill Roper

This lovely little chord progression showed up in my guitar's in basket about two weeks ago and said, "You should do something with me!"

Well, yes, I should. Would you mind letting me know what the song is about?

"That's for me to know and for you to find out."

Big help.

I threw words at the chords. They bounced off. I briefly considered using it in the musical, but it didn't really fit. I threw more words at the chords.

And then I realized that the song was a response to "It's All Right". Or as Erica occasionally says in introducing her lovely response, "Half Past Eternity", "No, it's not!"

Yeah, not really. :)

    Em            E7sus4         Em                 E7sus4
I'm chasing after starlight, I'm diving through the black.
     Asus2                                     Cmaj7
I've learned to love the space between, but it never loves me back.
       A7/D                                Dsus2
So I'm waiting for the time when I'll feel fine
                  Em    E7sus4   Em   E7sus4
At the end of the line.

     Em              E7sus4
I've gone halfway to anywhere.
I'm hanging in the void,
Renewing an old love affair
That's keeping me employed.
    Em               E7sus4
And home should be before me
And distant stars behind.
The equations all ignore me
With solutions undefined.

We're lost between dimensions
On a jump gone wild and free.
Got to hold us in suspension
Till computer finds the key,
For I am more than pilot  
I am fuel to feed the drive.
Through a sky gone ultraviolet,
I must get us home alive.

The pain is like my oldest friend
I did not want to see.
Will the program reach its end
Before sleep sets me free?
To fall with no solution
Means the ship is surely lost.
There's no hope for substitution  
I'm the one to pay the cost.

The computer's whining madly.
The solution's gone to hide.
"It's all right," she told me sadly
And I know the damned thing lied.
I'm the pilot of this starship
In a universe of pain.
As long as I can keep my grip,
It's here we will remain.

(Chorus twice)

                  Em    E7sus4 Em E7sus4
At the end of the line.
                  Em    E7sus4 Em E7sus4 Em
At the end of the line.