Nobody Calls

Lyrics and Music ©2000 by Bill Roper

I wrote this at Minicon a few years ago. Somewhat later, I read the book, "Rare Earth" by Ward and Brownlee, which covers the same issues. You should too.

  Cmaj7          Fmaj7
I look up in the dark of night
    Cmaj7     Fmaj7
And see a galaxy of stars.
Cmaj7           Fmaj7
Red and yellow, blue and white.
Cmaj7                Fmaj7
Some are strange and some like ours.
Dm7                G
Some are young and some are old.
Dm7              G
Some too hot and some too cold.
   Dm7              Em7
To hold a soul like me
        Dm7           G
Seeking answers I may never see.

   Fmaj7  Em7    Fmaj7  Em7
   Nobody calls, nobody phones.
   Weve been ringing on the line 
   For a hundred years
   And it looks like no ones home.
     Dm7                    G
   I want to believe youre out there,
           Em7              A7
   But you never return our call,
       Dm              Dmmaj7
   And now Ive got to wonder
             Dm7             G
   If youre really there at all.

And planets orbit round each sun
In solar systems much like here.
But though our search has just begun,
This real estate is looking queer.
Planets large where small should be:
Jovian, not Mercury.
With all these systems odd
Was just ours touched by hand of God?


Is life a rare and precious thing
Among the stars that we can see?
Do orbital mechanics sing
The notes of eccentricity?
Orbits long and orbits round
With no world like ours to be found.
What kind of race might thrive
Where liquid water cant survive?


The Moon cries out across the void,
What made the world on which you stand?
A chance shot by some planetoid
Or guided by some unknown hand?
How long the odds that made this place?
Are we unique in all of space?
Id like to think Im wrong,
That you might call before too long.


Please call.