Taking Down Your Names

Lyrics and Music ©2014 by Bill Roper

I actually managed to finish a song before leaving for Boskone, for which I blame Gretchen. We had headed out for a lunch unaccompanied by little girls and while on the road there, she commented about how names have power. And I realized that I could hang a perfectly fine song on that concept. Thus, I had a new song for the con... :)

        Em7           Asus2
Thereís power in your name.
        Em7              Asus2
Thereís magic there that I can tame
    Cmaj7              Am7/G
And though you hold it close to you,
    D6              B7
Iím creeping closer still.
    Em7            Asus2
And I will take control.
     Em7                 Asus2
Iíll steal your name and steal your soul.
   Cmaj7          Am7/G
It isnít all that hard to do
      D6           Em7
And I have got the will.

Iím taking down your names.
One by one, theyíll fall.
Iím playing at my games.
     Cmaj7             D6              Em7
Iíll own you when Iíve taken down them all.

Youíve got names to spare,
One name here and one name there,
Bound together in a web
That all leads back to you.
It isnít hard to see
That every nameís another key.
And I will flow and you will ebb.
Youíll never have a clue.

Names that you no longer know.
Names you havenít used for years.
Helpless, watch my power grow.
Iím the sum of all your fears.

Names and numbers dance.
I wonít give you a second chance.
What I want is what youíve got
And what youíve got Iíll take.
Iím erasing every line.
All that once was yours is mine.
I am you and you are not
And you will never wake.

(Chorus twice)
     Cmaj7             D6              Em7
Iíll own you when Iíve taken down them all.