Dreams of Distant Lights

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

And this one's for Katie, who was lying asleep on our bed at GAFilk while I was writing the song.

Cmaj7         Em7       Am         Am/Gbass
Sleep, little baby, and dream of a shooting star
     Fmaj7              Am7/Ebass  Dm7           G
That streaks ‘cross the sky in the middle of the night.
   Cmaj7       Em7        Am          Am/Gbass
To shine for a moment, it traveled so very far
   Fmaj7       Am7/Ebass Dm7             G7
To give up its life in a bright flash of light.
Dm7          G                   Em7           Am
Out past the shooting stars, the planets still shine,
Dm7      G                Em7         Am
Orbiting there as they're tracing the line
Dm7             G               E7/D        Am7/G
Across heaven's face as they're waiting for you
    Dm7                        G7
And waiting for dreams to come true.

Dream of a spaceship to carry you there
Out far from the place you were born.
A thin coat of steel and a bubble of air
Are an armor that's gratefully worn.
Out from the Earth, past the Moon, out past Mars,
Searching for worlds that are nothing like ours.
Past asteroids, cruising for planets with rings
And remembering the words that your old Daddy sings.

Sleep, little baby, and dream of a distant light
That shines in the sky and is so far away.
Dream of it rising as sunlight dispelling night
And dream of the light of an alien day.
Dream of a world that is waiting for you,
A billion years old and still shiny and new.
And Daddy will love you wherever you roam
And I'll meet you when you're coming home.

         Dm7           G7            Cmaj7
And I'll meet you when you're coming home.