Lyrics and Music ©2004 by Bill Roper

The last of the songs that I wrote on the cruise, Gretchen and I find it delightfully creepy. And, remarkably, the moment that I finished it, Gretchen said it was like my eyes came back to life and the seasickness fairy went to light on her brother, Jeff.

Of course, that's merely coincidence.

      Em                        G
I was driving all alone when my car broke down.
D                           A
Must have been 'bout twenty miles from town.
  Em                           G
I needed a place where I could spend the night
     D                        A
So I walked uphill 'neath the dying light.
        C                  D                F                    Am7
And the sign said "Bed and Breakfast", so I thought I'd caught a break,
        C              D                F             Am7
But the man behind the counter said I'd make a big mistake
     Bm                      Em                F
If I stayed the night in the one room that was free,
                     Em     A     Em     A
But he handed me the key.
	         Em                           A
	She's my silver-skinned lady with her eyes a-glow
	    C                     D
	And as I look into them I find I know
	     Em                                 A
	That nothing in this world is quite the way I planned
	      C                   D                            Em
	And I know that I'm gonna die without the touch of her hand.

I started toward the stairs and he said, "Don't go.
There's a story I can tell you and you ought to know.
We never rent that room 'cause it isn't right
Because something always happens 'neath the full moon's light.
For three days of the month then, we keep the room locked tight,
For the last three men who stayed there all seemed to die of fright."
I laughed at him and said, "Well, we'll just see,"
And I carried off the key.


I opened up the window, went to wash my face,
Looked into the mirror, my heart started to race.
The moonlight in the mirror took a human form.
A hand reached out to touch me, it was soft and warm.
And she, silver, stood beside me, and I fell into her eyes.
And she said, "Yes, you are stronger. Still, maybe not yet wise.
But I think that there's enough that you won't miss."
And I swam into her kiss.


I woke up in the morning with my head a-whirl.
Not a trace remaining of my silver girl.
I stayed another night and she returned again,
Said, "You are so much better than those other men."
On the fourth night she had vanished, but I knew she'd be back soon.
Our relationship entangled in the phases of the moon.
So now each month I travel down a quiet country lane
In search of silver lunacy to take away the pain
And the man behind the counter smiles at me
As he's handing me the key.

(Chorus twice)