Weekend Away

Lyrics and Music ©2019 by Bill Roper

The new guitar and I have written a song. It's been a while...

    Cadd9              E7(#5)              C6/9            C9
The stars come out for dreamers and youíve got to hear the call.
       F        Fm6              Em7               A7
Itís a melody reminding you that Earth is much too small
       Dm7              G/D         Em7             A7
With a cold and crystal vision of a universe thatís wide.
    Dm7        Fm6               Em7            A7/D   A7
And if I had a starship, I would take you for a ride
     Dm7             G/D          Cadd9   (Dm7 Cadd9 Dm7 Cadd9)
On a weekend journey to the other side.

       Cadd9                              E7/D
Youíve got to find a place thatís dark to see the stars by night.
    F                                   G/D
The city lights are much too bright and always win the fight.
  Cadd9                              E7/D
I remember when we stood once high beside a mountain road
          F                                       G/D
Where the air was cold and clear and thin and the Milky Way just glowed.
        Dm7               G/D              Cadd9          E7
And the stars came out to greet us shining like a million jewels,
Dm7                  G/D             Cadd9
Twinkling there like diamonds in the sky.
    Dm7                G/D             Cadd9            Am7/G
And I would steal that sky for you, be breaking all the rules,
          Dm7                         G/D
But weíre gonna have to find a way to fly.

Letís climb aboard our starship, Ďcause youíve got to take a chance.
Youíve got to leave the Earth behind to see the stars go dance.
The galaxy keeps turning and the spiralís deep and wide.
Letís turn our face to outer space and set out for a ride.
And the stars are so much brighter when you make a warp drive run,
Looking forward toward a world of blue.
And as we look behind us to see our fading sun,
Iím glad that I could take this trip with you.

Weíre flying to the future when we pass the speed of light,
ĎCause the light that we are seeing will not reach the Earth tonight.
Sirius is not much changed and Rigelís still aglow,
But Betelgeuse is cutting loose Ė that thing is gonna blow!
Thereís only so much time before we have to turn around.
Only so much time when we can roam.
But we can dream a dream about a course thatís outward bound
And dream another course that leads us home.

(Chorus) (Em7 A7/D A7)
On a weekend journey to the other side.