Lyrics and Music ©2007 by Bill Roper

Simon was good enough to tell me what one of the odd chords was in one of Talis' songs. I didn't end up actually using that chord in this song, but it did get me started on it.

If you're trying to play this, it's basically a walk on the fourth and fifth strings. Ask me and I'll show it to you, because the chord names are just weird and not very helpful.

G           F9b5      Em/G         Gaug5		
Black water running beneath a full moon
      G/Dbass      Gaug5        Em/G     Gaug5
And reflecting her face in your dreams.
G          F9b5      Em/G       Gaug5
Morning is coming, arriving too soon,
      G/Dbass     Gaug5           Em/G   Gaug5
But tonight, everything's what it seems.
CaddG        Gadd4       Am7/G        Gadd4
Silver ships sailing the dark seas of space
        CaddG    Gadd4             Am7/G    Csus2
As they silently drift through the sky
G        F9b5        Em/G    Gaug5
Carrying dreams to a faraway place
        G             Am7/G          Csus2
For the dreamers with stars in their eyes.

Moondust has fallen where rockets once flared
And erased the first steps of mankind.
Tonight we will walk where explorers once dared.
By morning, who knows what we'll find?
A flag in the dust where it fell as they flew,
Its colors all faded by sun.
And a plaque that remembers what they never knew:
That the end of the race had begun.

	     CaddG    Em/G Am7/G   Csus2
	Come fly with me tonight
	          CaddG         Em/G       Am7/G       Csus2
	And we'll learn what we can in our satellite's light.

Two worlds together elliptically dance
As they spin in their path round the sun.
Was it a blessing or was it just chance
That gave us two worlds and not one?
A second world waiting just three days away
That calls us to reach for the stars.
And dreamers by night may be dreamers by day
Charting paths past the Moon, out past Mars.

   C/G            Csus2         G
As dreamers chase dreams to the stars.