With You

Lyrics ©2007 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©2007 by Bill Roper

Gretchen and I wrote this song for the 2007 FilkOntario songwriting contest where the topic was "Harmony". We placed second, which we thought was pretty good. And we hope you like the song.

  Amaj7                  G
I used to be a happy man singing my own song.
   D                             F            E7
It never really bothered me that no one sang along.
Amaj7                             G
If the sound's a little thin, the melody's all mine,
    D                                 F           E7
But in between the notes I'd hear the music in my mind.

	It's one plus one as the music starts,
	But the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
	It's the same old song from a new point of view
	      Fmaj7                      Amaj7
	And I want to sing together with you.
	     Em7        Amaj7      Em7
	With you.  With you.  With you.

I took my guitar to the park to sit around and play,
Looking for a little spark in the sunshine of the day.
I heard a voice in counterpoint and I thought it sounded fine
And it was so much better than the music in my mind.

Dmaj7                       Am7/G
Filling in the spaces in my solitary song,
   C/G                    G            D
It seems we've known each other for so long.
    Dm7                        Am7/G
And every time I listen to the chorus we repeat
     C/G             G              D      D/G
It's sounding just a little more complete.


The notes stand independent as the melodies entwine,
Helping me imagine a new music in my mind.
For one plus one makes three it seems or maybe even more
And we're passing down the music as we hear the chorus soar.

(Chorus twice)
     Amaj7      Em7        Amaj7
With you.  With you.  With you.