Long Night of the Moon

Lyrics and Music ©2006 by Bill Roper

It's been fifty years since man first walked on the Moon. It's about time that we did it again.Notes

	Gm7  Fm7          Am7
	Long night of the moon
	Em7                 F
	And I'm feeling the hunger.
	Gm7 Fm7         Am7
	I'm lost in the tune
	Em7              F
	And I'm ready to go.
	Gm7   Fm7        Am7
	Can't happen too soon
	Em7                         F
	‘Cause I'm not getting much younger.
	G                    F
	I'm just waiting for thunder
	In the night of the moon.

Am         G       F          E7
I hear the rumble, I hear the roar.
Am         Em7       F          E7
I feel the pressure, I feel her soar.
F          Am    G                 F
I sing the music of the thundering jet,
Dm7     Am    G              E7
Then I awaken and I can't forget.

I see the stations move against the stars.
I see the flare of a rocket ship to Mars.
I hear the song of a race that's outward bound.
Until the morning when I waken to the sound (of the)

	D     A     G              A
	I see stars shining in the night.
	      D               Am7              Em7              A
	I see people building rocket ships and everything's all right.
	      Em7              G              A
	And I hear a song that ended much too soon
	       Cmaj7          Am7/G            Dmaj7
	As I'm staring at the dark side of the moon.

	Fm6   C9   G   E7

Inside the crescent, I see new light,
New constellations of cities taken flight,
But the cities fade away and they take away their song
And I wonder where they've gone to and I want to go along.

(Chorus twice)
F                   Am
In the night of the moon.
F                   Am
In the light of the moon.