Winter Waltz

Lyrics and Music ©2002 by Bill Roper

I was on the way to Chambanacon when I got the idea for the chorus for this song. Eventually, I pulled over at a rest stop and found something to write it down on. I finished the song once I got to the con.

It turned out that this was the first of the four songs I've written that want to be in a musical together. Now, I just need to write the rest of the musical.

G           D7         C           D7
Patterns in silver and patterns in gold
C         D7             G          D7
Binding a love that will never grow old.
G             D7          C        D7
Starlight and moonlight together entwine
C         D7         C       D7  G
Weaving a fabric and drawing the lines.

	G           D7     C           D7
	One for the lover, two for the mind.
	C             D7          G            Em
	Three for the ties that together we'll bind.
	C            D7           G           Em
	Four for our steps now completing the square
	C           D7              C           G
	Tracing out patterns in the cool winter air.

Red star and blue star, the old and the new,
Shine down on a world that the Hunter once knew.
Five stars in the heavens and three in a line
Tracing a pattern that runs down cross time.


Hunting and searching and hoping to find
A stairway in starlight as patterns unwind.
A tall moonlit doorway where no door should be
Where patterns in silver and gold form the key.


Five is the number of things that will be
As you dance ‘neath the starlight and moonlight with me.
Waltzing through patterns of time without end
In a room full of people who can't comprehend.