Run, Cassie, Run

Lyrics and Music ©2011 by Bill Roper

It has been way too busy at work lately, a situation that makes it really hard to get songs written, because all of that lovely creative energy is going into code bashing. (And there has been a lot of code to bash!)

Nevertheless, songs will manage to get past the great coding barrier. This one started out during Game 6 of the World Series (sort of), got a melody line, got a chorus, got words for the chorus somewhat later.

And stalled out. I'd figured out who the song was about, so it should have been possible to hook the verses up. It just wasn't happening.

Until I was sitting in the parking lot of the Home Depot this weekend with Katie and Julie, waiting for Gretchen to come back from the errand she was running and frantically trying to find something on the radio that would pacify two little girls who did not want to be strapped into their car seats. (Radio Disney worked.)

And the first two lines of the verse arrived -- unrelated to what was on the radio -- and I realized that the problem was that I needed to understand who was actually singing the song.

And now I did.

Am   Em7    Am   Em7

Cadd9                          Asus2
You told me I was crazy when I said that I love you
    Cadd9                         Asus2
And when I look into your eyes, I know that might be true.
        Fmaj7                                 Am7/G
Thereís something deep within them that could drive a man away,
    Fadd9                            G/D
But Iím the one whoís fool enough to stay.

Run, Cassie, run,
         Em7                  E7
From the daylight through the night.
Run, Cassie, run.
      Fmaj7            Dm7              E7
Is it fear I see there in your eyes, or only second sight?
Dm              Dsus Dm  Dm6         E7
Iíll be waiting for  you when youíre done
                Am    Em7   Am   Em7 
So run, Cassie, run.

You say weíve got no future, that youíve seen it clear as day
And if I should stay with you, we will end in a bad way.
You tell me that youíre never wrong, thereís nothing I can do,
But Iím the one to take a chance on you.

  Fmaj7                                    Am7/G
I trust that in the large things, all your visions will come true
    Em7            E7             Am
For Iíve no lever, nor a place to stand
   Dm                              Am7
To change the course of destiny, except for me and you,
Fadd9                           G/D
Holding free will tightly in my hand.

I believe that in your eyes are things I cannot see
And I can only hope that youíll believe the same of me,
For I can see the future without knowing that itís true
And I can wait for you to see it too.

(Chorus twice)

             Am    Em7
Run, Cassie, run.
             Am    Em7    Am
Run, Cassie, run.