Counting to Infinity

Lyrics and Music ©2010 by Bill Roper

Infinity is a very large number. Sometimes, it may not be large enough.

Asus2           Em7        Asus2           Em7
Somewhere I'm a pirate and somewhere I'm a king.
G                D6            E7
Here and now I'm happy just to have the chance to sing,
         Asus2           Em7             Asus2          Em7
For that king might be a tyrant and that pirate lost at sea,
G                    D6             E7                      Asus2 Em7 x2
But in the world I'm living in, I'm glad you're here with me.

     Asus2       G               D6           Dm6
They say that universes lie like numbers on a line
       Asus2         Am7/G       Dsus2       Fmaj7
So I'm counting to infinity, one number at a time,
    Asus2      Cmaj7         D6              Dm6
And if I had a ship to sail upon the quantum tide,
        Asus2        Cmaj7               Dsus2          Fmaj7
Would I find another world where you are standing by my side?

How large is the infinity that holds another you?
And how much further must I count for it to hold me too?
"Improbable, yet possible," proclaims the voice of Chance
And he calls the steps as worlds pass by caught in the cosmic dance.

    D6            Dm6           Asus2
I'm counting to infinity, but I do not know the size
         D6                   Dm6            Asus2
And they claim all things are possible and I swear they're telling lies.
    Am7/G            Dsus2          Asus2
The worlds we might imagine are not worlds that must be true
      Am7/G            Dsus2        E7/G
And I would not be the me lost in a world that's missing you.

I've counted to infinity once, twice, and thrice again
And I've found you and I've found me on worlds beyond our ken,
But never both together though infinity is wide,
So I'm counting back to zero where I'll find you by my side.

Asus2 Em7   Asus2 Em7   Asus2 Em7   Asus2