Spin the Planet

Lyrics and Music ©2006 by Bill Roper

Steve Macdonald was looking for a new title for his upcoming album, since Traveller was right out now that Julia's album is back in print. He already had the cover art, which shows Steve's face morphing into the planet Earth as the back of his head. I saw this and promptly suggested "Spin the Planet" which was equally promptly rejected.

Steve's album is now called Wanderer.

And I got a perfectly good song out of the idea.

	G              C
	Let's spin the planet.
	Got to get a handle on the world.
	Let's spin the planet.
	Let's go out and take her for a whirl.
	A kaleidoscope of vision
	In blue, green, white, and brown
	And we're making a decision
	That'll turn her upside down.
	               C          D
	Let's spin the planet.
	Let's spin the planet.

     G                                   C
I've got to have the answer, 'cause I've got to make the call,
        Am7                                D
But I'm searching now for wisdom, 'cause I may not know it all.
You look at any mother's son,
I'm twice as smart as anyone
    G                            D
And everyone could be a lot like me.
But there's a chance I might surmise
To pull that trigger isn't wise.
I've got the itch to let her rip and see.

I just need some perspective, some help to ease my load
'Cause all my thoughts are spinning since I learned to crack the code:
Embedded in the DNA,
Resect and watch it run away
And open up your mind and let it soar.
I'm better, smarter than I was,
But smarter is as smarter does.
Don't know if I should do this any more.

I started with a virus that was tailored just for me,
But now that I am smarter, I know how to set it free.
Infectious now to every man,
Set genius leaping hand to hand
To try to make the world a better place.
So look at me with normal eyes
And tell me if I'm being wise
And if we'll get a better human race.

(Chorus twice)

Let's spin the planet.
Let's spin the planet.
Let's spin the planet.