Lyrics and Music ©2018 by Bill Roper

I finished second in the FKO songwriting contest with this song (topic was First Contact), which was just fine by me. :)

For reference, this seems to be a march in 3/4 time. At least for a while...

Asus2         Em7        G     Asus2
We listen for signals on radio bands
            Em7            G           E
Seeking out minds that are ancient and grand.
            Asus2           G           D          E
We’ve found planets through wobbles and transiting stars,
Asus2   G        D          E          Asus2
Emptily orbiting where no intelligence flowers.

We’ve learned to bend space and we’ve learned to bend time.
We’re no longer bound to the home of mankind.
Now we can see with our own naked eyes
The worlds that await us out there under alien skies.

Asus2       E7sus4    G         D
First to discover the secret of flight
    Asus2          E7sus4        G           E
And first to build ships that go faster than light.
          A           G       D            Dm
Now we’re roaming the galaxy, charting the stars.
     A           G           D            E          Asus2
Each world we discover, each world we set foot on is ours.

We’ve found suns with a Jupiter orbiting near
And planets that stars scrubbed clean with a flare.
We’ve found millions of worlds of most every size,
But no other blue and green world with clouds in its skies.

Now here is a world of a different hue.
The temperature’s warm and the color is blue.
The gravity’s good and the oxygen’s fair.
And our scopes show us plants and animals living down there.


We’re shaping our orbit, preparing to land
On the first Earthlike world that’s discovered by man.
Waiting to see what we’re hoping to find,
The ship stops with a lurch and a voice cries out “No” in our minds.

“This world is special, please leave it alone,
The way that we did with the world of your own.
Someone to talk to might live here one day,
But it needs to be left on its own, so you really can’t stay.

(Alt. Chorus)
We were first to discover the secret of flight
And first to build ships that go faster than light.
Worlds like your own are exceedingly rare.
And when you are ready to talk, we will visit you there.”

They sent us away in the blink of an eye
To stand upon Earth and look up at the sky.
So many things that we’re wanting to say
As we wait for the First to return some unknowable day.

      Asus2    Em7
We’re ready to talk.