Lyrics and Music ©2001 by Bill Roper

I wrote this at GaFilk in 2001, shortly after Gretchen's mother died. I had to be very quiet, because Gretchen was sleeping on the other bed while I was working on it.

     C                   Am7
It's been too long, I've heard you say
     Dm                  G
That night can take your dreams away.
    Dm7                   G
I'm sure you think that's true  
Dm                      G
That dreaming dreams is not for you.
    C                Am7
But if the stars can fight the night
    Dm                  G
And pierce the darkness with their light
     Em7                 Am7
Then there's a chance to see
  Fmaj7                 G
A different place where we can be.

	Fmaj7                            Em7
	When the night is over, we'll go wandering
	    Fmaj7                           Em7
	And find another place where we can stay.
	Fmaj7                             Em7
	Find the box we left our sense of wonder in
	    Dm                   Dm7        G
	And know that there will be another day.

Darkness creeps into your heart
And tries to tear your soul apart
And all the songs you've heard
Are melodies without the words.
Notes cascade through time and space,
Their meaning lost in this dark space.
How can you comprehend
When daylight comes the darkness ends?


  Dm7               G                Em7              Am7
I know the night is far too long and daylight seems a dream.
    Dm7               G                  Em7                 Am7
The things you see in shades of gray are not what they might seem.
    Dm                  G              Cmaj7             Fm6
For daylight brings out colors and you just need look to see
          Cmaj7        Am7             Dm7               G
There's a sunrise in a new land and it waits for you and me.

(Chorus twice)
	    Dm                   G          Cmaj7
	And know that there will be another day.