Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

Every so often, a song sneaks up behind me and mugs me and says, "Here I am!" It certainly keeps life interesting.

B4                A5
If you had to be alone
B4                              A5
Would you choose a place that's far away from here?
   Aadd9                    Badd11
Or maybe in the middle of a crowd
Where no one knows your name

And no one is allowed
        B4      A5
To come near.

If you had to make a change
Would you want to be somewhere where you're unknown?
A person that no one would ever ask
To let another in,
To see behind the mask
That they've grown.

If you had to find a way
To leave behind the things that you have been,
To be something less than what you really are,
Would you find another home
With no one to ask where
Or ask when?

	Dmadd9                       A5
	Would your life be much less daunting
	Dmadd9           A5
	In anonymity somewhere?
	Em        Dmadd9                 A5
	Would you find the things you're wanting
	Em         Dmadd9         A5
	If there's no one left to care?

If you had to go away
Would you let me know just where it is you've gone
So I could look you up in the end?
And maybe if you find
Someday you need a friend,
I'll be one.

B4 A5