The Grim Roper -- Unplugged

The Grim Roper cover

Available on Bandcamp.
This album was originally published by Off Centaur Publications back in 1987 (OCP-88, if you're keeping score) and the original recording is way out of print. This is a remix keeping just my vocals and guitar, with Amy McNally dropping in some fiddle parts that I really wanted. And we added one new song for the kids as a bonus track, since they popped in to join us on the cover for this album.

Follow The Rising Stars
One Last Battle
Miracle Man
Dream Rider
Dark Moon Rising
Shadow Of The Nighttime
The Songs Of Distant Earth
Riders Of The Rim
The Wind From Rainbow's End
Space Is Dark
Dream Ship
Teaching Song
Children Of Tomorrow
The Wrong Side Of The Sky
The Horse of Silver Gold
Library Song*
The Candy Tree

*Annotated notes can be found HERE