You Should Know

Lyrics and Music ©2024 by Bill Roper

It is possible that my subconscious will do anything to help me avoid working on taxes. Or maybe I've just been listening to Mac McAnally a bit more than usual lately.

But this song came pushing its way up the queue past the song on my desk that I've been working on for several days at about five in the morning. I grabbed my phone and wrote down a verse and a half, then wrote the chorus and the remaining bits this morning after I woke up.

After we got back from lunch, Gretchen took Julie out for a drive. I went upstairs and (instead of working on taxes) set chords to the song and beat the tune into shape. And added the coda when I realized that the song would never resolve without it.

All things considered, this was much better than working on taxes.

       G         Am7/G          G         Am7/G
Itís a long time gone since the picture I see
           C/G                    D
Though the colors arenít faded at all.
    G             Am7/G            G            Am7/G
The bride and the groom there look like you and me,
            A                    D
But theyíre younger than I can recall.
    C/G                     G
Iím missing you more than I know how to say.
           Em7                     D
You should know I still love you today.

           G         Am7/G  Em7
You should know Iíll always love you.
           C/G              G
You should know Iíll always care.
           G        Am7/G    Em7
You should know Iím thinking of you
     A               D
Even when I canít be there.
           C/G                 G
You should know from all these years
                C/G          D
That youíre the only one for me.
  C/G        Am7/G  G
Today, there may be tears,
      A                                D
But tomorrow, you should know you will see

Iíll love you tomorrow, Iíll love you tonight,
No matter how far I may go.
Thereís love in the dark and thereís love in the light
And I want to be sure that you know:
Whatever you hope and whatever you fear,
You should know that Iíll always be here.

The clock ticks away all the time weíre apart.
I wish I could see you right now.
Iím not all that good with affairs of the heart
And Iím not good at telling you how
I love you, I need you, I look for your light.
You should know that I love you tonight.

(Chorus twice to coda)

Tonight you should know
That Iím missing you so
      A        Am7/G           G
And tomorrow I know where Iíll be.