You Are My Life

Lyrics and Music ©2001 by Bill Roper

I was surprised and delighted to be asked to be the guest at Sixteen Tones, the 2003 British filk convention. When I put together my concert set, I wrote out the program and ran it by Gretchen, Lissa, and Phil to see what they thought about of it. What I didn't tell them was that one of the songs wasn't actually in the concert.

This song was instead. Sometimes, I'm just sneaky.

          C9                           F9
There are people who wonder, there are people who know.
          C9                           F9
If you're looking for answers, I don't want you to go.
       Bbmaj7                      Am7
I have sailed on the ocean, I have left home behind.
     Bbmaj7                  Am7
In a life spent in motion, I finally find
    D7/9        G      G7
The thing on my mind:

	Dm7 G      Cmaj7
	You are my life.
	Dm7         G               Cmaj7  Am7
	You are the only thing that I come home for.
	Dm7          G                  E7            Am
	I'm reaching out for you in the middle of the night.
	           Dm7               F                G
	You are my heart, you are my song, you are my life.

I have seen you out running in the cold, morning rain,
Seeking answers to questions that no words can explain.
When it's darker than nighttime and the clouds hide the dawn,
I just can't find the right time and yesterday's won,
So I just go on.

	Dm7    G              C        C7
	I need words that can show you
	Dm7     G              C     C7
	All the things I can't say.
	Dm7       G           C         A7
	But every time that I hold you
	D          D7/9            G     G7
	The pretty language slips away.


I have told you I love you, still you don't understand
All the things that you're bringing to the life that we've planned.
Holding scales in the balance, you so carefully weigh
Masses different but equal, still trying to say
What words can't convey:

(Chorus twice)
	           Dm7               G                C
	You are my heart, you are my song, you are my life.