Lyrics and Music ©2006 by Bill Roper

We were driving across Nebraska when Gretchen said, "City kids don't see things like this. The horizon goes on forever."

And that brought this to mind.

  G              D                Am7                 D
Beyond the far horizon, there's a place that I should go
            C              Em7           D7
Though it's much more far away than it appears.
    G                D               Am7           D
And still it is much closer than the places that I know,
      C/G                               D7
But I could not walk there in a hundred years.

	          C              D          G            Em7
	Where the sky goes on forever and horizons are unbound
	        Am7                               C                  D7
	And the only thing you're hearing is your heartbeat's lonely sound.
  	          G             D                  Em7            C
	Where the night is neverending, though the sun is shining bright
	    G            D                 C
	And everywhere a million points of light.

I can't build a road to heaven, I can't walk upon the air.
I can't find a path that rises from the land.
And though I send my spirit out to climb upon the stair
In the end I find that I can never stand.

	(Bridge to chorus)
	      D               D/A            C/G
	And I need to find my wings so I can fly,
	    D               D/A              C/G              G
	But wings are never strong enough to reach beyond the sky
	    D               D/A       C/G
	And wings can never carry me away
	    D               D/A               C/G             D7
	And send me soaring high enough where I could finally stay

So I will stand here dreaming of a place I cannot go
With two feet firmly planted on the ground.
And I will not trade my dreams away, the only wings I know
To take me to the place that I have found

	(Chorus twice)