Waiting For Tomorrow

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

My friend, Bill Higgins, wants to know if this is the future, what happened to all the aircars? A darn fine question, that.

E                            A7
Waiting for tomorrow, it's a long time coming
         C            D    E
But it's just another day away.
E                              A7
Waiting for tomorrow, hear the future humming
      D                   B7
And tomorrow we are gonna play.
Driving round on hydrogen we make from the power
We're beaming down from up in the sky.
Computer's got me going about ninety miles an hour
      B7                                B7/G
And tomorrow we will learn how to fly.

Waiting for tomorrow for a brand new sunrise
When they're gonna take me in for repair.
Waiting for tomorrow, gonna see with new eyes
And I promise I'm not gonna stare.
Put me back together, make me better, stronger, faster,
And younger than I was before.
Replicating DNA, creating a new master – 
Genetic backup and restore.

	I just gotta get to tomorrow,
	‘Cause tomorrow's where I want to be.
	Find a time machine I can borrow,
	         B7                        B7/G
	‘Cause tomorrow's not getting here soon enough for me.

Waiting for tomorrow for a new horizon
That is out beyond the atmosphere.
Waiting for tomorrow and the big ships risin'
And a journey to a new frontier.
Time and space are bending as we're harnessing the power
That we're skimming from the quantum foam.
I'll meet you in Andromeda in about a half an hour
And I promise that I'll take you home.

    E                       A7   A7sus4
I'm waiting for tomorrow.
    E                       A7   A7sus4
I'm waiting for tomorrow.
    E                       A7   A7sus4    B7/D
I'm waiting for tomorrow.               Let's go.