Turn Around, Look Around

Lyrics and Music ©2003 by Bill Roper

Problems have solutions. Sometimes, all you need to do is look for them.

  G                 Em7               Cmaj7            A7
A child believes in many things, like butterflies with painted wings
     G              Em7             A7               D7
That always seem to vanish when somebody looks their way.
   G               Em7           Cmaj7              A7
Of fairies dancing after dark in mushroom rings out in the park,
  G              Em7            A7                  D7
Inviting all who see or hear to come and join their play.
    Cmaj7           A7               G             Em
But adult folk like you and me would never dare to disagree
     A7                     D7
With pictures of reality we saw by light of day.

	Cmaj7        Em7
	Turn around, look around,
	    A7              Cmaj7
	And see the wonders I have found.
	  G                  Em7
	I locked them up and lost the key.
	     A7              Cmaj7
	They came to life in spite of me.
	    G           Em7
	The magic I had lost before
	    A7         Cmaj7
	Has opened up emotion’s door.
	    G    Em7     A7
	Now I am free
	A7    D7                 G      Cmaj7    G   Cmaj7
	And I need you here with me.

An adult knows just what is real and never reaches out to feel
The things he can’t believe in, like the scales on dragons’ backs.
They never were – they’ll never be.  This world’s made for humanity,
But in our hearts we know that there is something that it lacks.
This world is concrete, iron, and steel, and so we know it isn’t real
When a little light from Otherwhen comes seeping through the cracks.


One day I grew tired of lies – I chose to open up my eyes.
Saw steel and concrete crumble as they vanished in the breeze.
I found the light that I had lost – I guess I never knew the cost
Of living without magic and dying by degrees.
And soon I came to understand, I’d never left that magic land.
I’d simply locked myself away, though I always held the keys.

	Turn around, look around,
	And see the wonders I have found.
	I locked myself inside my mind.
	They came to life so I could find
	The magic I had lost before
	And open up emotion’s door.
	Now I am free
	And I need you here with me.