Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

I've been thinking that it was about time to write something else for the musical that I've been kicking around, given that I haven't written anything for it since, oh, January of 2006. So I figured that I'd start thinking about the big production number near the beginning of the show.

Somebody had other ideas.

And I do like a villain who enjoys his work.

   Am                 Bm11
My pattern's drawn in water.
   Am                 Em7
My pattern's drawn in night.
        Dm7                Em7
All the things that he has taught her
         Dm7              Em7
Will not help her in this fight.
    Am                   Bm11
You thought that I would aid you,
           Am              Em7
But you're bound now to my will
       Dm                  Em7
And by all the powers that made you,
        Dm               E7
You are much too good to kill.

	        Am            Em7
	Let the pattern wrap around you.
	        Am               Em7
	Let the pattern draw you in.
	       Dm7              Em7
	As you feel the cold surround you,
	     Dm7            E7
	I am saving you for sin.
	      Am                Em7
	For a trap is best when baited
	        Am                 Em7
	So it's here that you will stay
	           Dm7                Em7
	With these others who've long waited
	            Dm7   E7        Am
	All wrapped up in shades of gray.

It's a pattern wove of danger
That is mine and mine alone.
And a fool who trusts a stranger
Is much easier to own.
And I'm happy that I found you
And I saw the power within.
And I'm sure it would astound you
Just how strong you might have been.

My pattern's drawn in blue
And my pattern's drawn in black.
And the pattern that entangles you
Means you're not coming back.
There's just one way to free you
And I'm waiting for the spell,
So the next time that I see you
You'll see me unleashing hell.

(Chorus twice to coda)
            Dm7   E7        Am
All wrapped up in shades of gray.
            Dm7   E7        Am      Bm11   Am
All wrapped up in shades of gray.