Third Planet From The Sun

Lyrics and Music ©2023 by Bill Roper

And here we are back to the astronomical song themes again. I woke up a while back with bits and pieces of the chorus rattling around in my brain and with everything that goes on around here, it's taken a bit to assemble the rest of the song. (I also had to convince myself that I wasn't inadvertently copying some other song, but so far I've come up empty. I hope I continue to come up empty, having read about the latest Ed Sheeran trial. There are some extremely Melancholy Elephants lumbering around that courtroom. I am amused to note that the chords at the beginning of the verse are yet another variation on the classic G/Em/C/D that are part of that particular dispute in this case, G/Em7/CaddD/D. But I digress...)

G            FaddG
Third planet from the sun.
         CaddG                               D
Itís the place youíve got to go if you would have some fun.
G            FaddG
Third planet from the sun.
CaddG                      D
Everybody knows that it is number one.
G             FaddG         CaddG
Third planet, third planet, third planet,
D                     G     FaddG CaddG D
Third planet from the sun.

G                       Em7
If youíve looking for a tourist spot,
  CaddD                               D
A place to spend some time that isnít much too hot,
G                         Em7
Mercury and Venus are too far inside,
CaddD                             D
Got the sort of weather that will tan your hide.
CaddG                 D                  G                  Em7
If you want to find a place thatís cool enough to spend the night
A                                   FaddG               D
And sit and camp out on the beach until the sunís first light.

(You need the)

Out past the belt, the worlds are giant sized,
Got a lot of views that will delight your eyes.
If youíre looking for a world with rings
Or a plethora of moons and other icy things,
Those great gas giants got the pull to crush you flat,
Not like the gravity in my favorite habitat.
(Back at the)

Too far to head out to the stars,
So I think we better take a better look at Mars.
Needs more water and needs more air.
Makes you start to wonder what weíre doing there.
If you want a place thatís fit to live, weíll have to terraform it.
Our outdoor concertís on tonight, thereís one place to perform it.
(Thatís on the)

CaddG    D                    G                 Em7
I want a place with air and I want a place with water.
  CaddG              D               G                Em7
A place where we can go with all our sons and all our daughters.
CaddG         D                     G              Em7
Walk barefoot in the grass where we do not have to die
    A                           FaddG      D
And look up at the heavens to a clear blue sky.

(Thatís on the)

(Chorus twice)
Third planet, third planet, third planet,
Third planet from the sun.
Third planet, third planet, third planet,
Third planet from the sun.