The End of the World

Lyrics and Music ©2005 by Bill Roper

Bill Murray might have thought he had problems in "Groundhog Day". They're nothing compared to what's happened to this poor fellow...

Am               G        D      E7
You think you're living a normal day,
  Am               G      E7
A day just like so many before,
    Am            G             D             E7
But how you gonna feel when the clock strikes twelve
      Am           G         Am
And tomorrow isn't there any more?
D                         Am
They tell you look to the future,
    D                            E7
But what if there's no future to see?
Am        G               D      E7
The final chime marks the end of time
     Am         G          Am
And eternity is ceasing to be.

	            Am         G           F
	This is the end of the world as we know it.
	            Am         G        E7
	This is the end of the river of time.
	      F        G            C    Em    Am
	And today will go where the wind won't blow
	      D                    E7
	And tomorrow is not on the line.

It was yesterday I stood on tomorrow's edge.
I was gazing forward at the abyss,
Watching entropy unwind in her robes of black
And she tried to take me with her dark kiss.
The river of time stood below me,
Its water rushing over the brink.
Thought I might survive if I took the dive,
Hit the falls and I started to sink.

Yesterday I woke on tomorrow's day
‘Cause tomorrow had not yet ceased to be.
Tomorrow I will wake up on yesterday
As the river flows away from the sea.
For entropy is unwinding
Taking our tomorrows away
And I'll tell you yesterday of tomorrow's death
‘Cause yesterday's tomorrow's today.

I am lost in the river's flow
For entropy has cast me away.
And yesterday I'll remember you,
But you will not remember today.
I might still save the future
If I only had a place I could stand,
But day by day it all slips away
And yesterday I'm starting again.

(Chorus twice)
	            Am         G           Am
	This is the end of the world as we know it.