Teenage Popsicle Girl

Lyrics and Music ©1989 by Bill Roper

Of course, the worst rock band in the galaxy still needed more music to play. And Gretchen said, "We need a doowop song." This just sort of happened and became the most popular song I'd ever written for a period of a year or so.

I had once thought about writing a song based on "The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin. This is as close as I'll ever get, I think.

G       Em            C           D7
Teenage Popsicle Girl floating in space,
G                  Em                C                 D7
You looked so much better before you decompressed your face.
C                  D7         G              Em
The tears you were cryin' are frozen forever more.
C                  D7             G                     D7
I thought you were lyin' when you said you were walkin' out that door.

Teenage Popsicle Girl, now I'm so blue.
I see by your color that you are too.
Yes, I was foolish, but how could I know
You wouldn't wait for the shuttle when I said it was time for you to go?

It was just a teen-age quarrel, a silly lovers' spat.
But then I heard the airlock's hiss, and knew that you weren't coming back.

Teenage Popsicle Girl, I'd bring you inside,
But what would it matter, now that you're freeze-dried?
I'll leave you in orbit, beneath the stars above.
Although you're frigid now, you'll always be my one true love.

G       Em             G       Em             G       Am       G C G
Teenage Popsicle Girl, Teenage Popsicle Girl, Teenage Popsicle Girl.