Strong Poison

Lyrics and Music ©2003 by Bill Roper

I wrote this song when my mother was in chemotherapy, proving, I suppose that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Em             A7           C   D  Em
Let's take the medicine and see it through.
Em            Bm              C    D   B7
It's good for me, it might be good for you.
    C       D               Bm      C
The kind of potion that can kill or cure
    A                       B7
And bring a hurting that we can't endure.
Em     A7             C    D         Em
Strong poison  it'll just cause you pain.
Em     A7             C     D     C
Strong poison  it'll drive you insane.
C      D             G         Em
Strong poison may not leave us alive,
      C               D          C    Bm
But I don't know if I want to survive
Strong poison.

There's an itch that's crawling 'cross your skin.
There's a fire that's burning deep within.
You feel the pain and you want to cry,
But you've stopped caring if you live or die.
Strong poison  it'll grant your dreams.
Strong poison  it'll make you scream.
Strong poison burning in your veins
Until the pain is all that remains.
Strong poison.

I hope and pray that I can find a way
To make them take this poison cup away.
But there's a sickness running out of control.
We need our medicine to make us whole.
Strong poison  best that you can find.
Strong poison  burning in our minds.
Strong poison  like a fire in reverse,
And I can't tell if we're better or worse.
Strong poison.

Medicine is poison by a different name.
We'll find that in the end that the result's the same.
I'm looking for a potion to cure all our ills --
The very next dose may be the one that kills.
Strong poison  it has caused me grief.
Strong poison  it just takes belief.
Strong poison will not let me be, 
But I've got to find a way to be free.
Strong poison.