Starbow's End

Lyrics and Music ©1988 by Bill Roper

Let's go fly a starship. Who's with me?

D              G    D              G    D  A
It's a helluva day, one incredible day, my friend.
D               G      D                 G   D     A
Are you coming along?  Are you coming to Starbow's End?

F                      G                      D
She's fueled and she's ready out there on the pad.
F                      G                          A
She's the first of her kind, but she doesn't look bad.
G        A                 D   A    G
Come the morning, then the sun will rise,
    Em       A             D
And come the dawn Ad Astra flies.


They'll button her down once we all are on board,
And she'll silently lift where the rockets once roared.
Just half an hour and she'll pierce the sky,
And then we'll see Ad Astra fly.

Bm               F#m
Push the button, drive core hummin'
      G                      A
As we set our course for the stars.
Bm                 F#m
Starbow's shining, space warp's comin'
      G                       A
As we flash past the orbit of Mars.
Bm        A      Bm      A
Starbow's light, fade to black.
G              A                 Em     A
It's Starbow's End -- Ad Astra's on her track.


Bm         A      Bm       A
New star's light, sunshine bright --
G      A            Em       A
Wishes granted by a starship flight.