Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

A man-made plague decimates humanity -- actually, worse than decimates, because it wipes out the entire breeding population. And there's only one way to keep this from becoming an extinction event...

It turns out that babies born of frozen embryos adopted from fertility clinics are sometimes referred to as "snowflake babies"; hence, the title.

Am    G           F
Don't know how it happened.
C                 D        E7
What fool set the superpox free?
Am    G         F
Death sent by a madman
        C                      D           E7
And the only survivors are the people like me.
F            E7    Am         G            F
No one under fifty ever had a chance to survive
C                                      D
‘Cause they never got the scar that we wear on our arms
That's the only thing that keeps us alive.

Am      G             D           F              G            Am
And I'm searching for snowflakes, hoping we've a chance to survive.
F                            G
Looking for the heirs to the whole human race
Suspended in a nitrogen tide.
F                  E7
And I'm racing the clock now
       Am               G        D
As I'm running past the bodies inside
             Am       G           F
‘Cause we're counting down to the end of the world
      G                    E7
And I don't want to say suicide
                 Am     G F E7 Am G F E7
Is the reason we died.

All the children are dead now.
We never thought we would see pox again.
I remember they said how
It was the first disease that was beaten by men.
Old men and old women too old to have a child of their own.
We've got one last chance to keep the systems alive
So we won't have to die all alone.

	F         Am
	Snowflake babies,
	G                      Em      Am
	In vitro made and then frozen away.
	Dm       Am
	Too many maybes.
	Can we find them in time?
	Keep the systems on line?
	Teach old wombs to rewind
	                       Am    G F E7
	So they are saving the day?

Old men saving the tech now
Taking the place of the youngsters that died.
Old women inject now
Hormones keeping those babies inside.
And there's never enough time for raising up the children of men,
But I promise you, they will all wear the scar
‘Cause we're never gonna do this again!

(Chorus to coda)
            Am       G           F
Yeah, we're counting down to the end of the world
      G                    E7
And I don't want to say suicide
                 Am    G F E7 Am G F E7 Am G F E7 Am
Is the reason we died.