Shades of Gray

Lyrics and Music ©2003 by Bill Roper

I wrote this at Concertino in 2003. It's the second piece for the musical that I ought to finish...

	Fmaj7         Am7/G
	Starlight and shadow
	Fmaj7               Am7/G
	Moonlight shows the way
	Fmaj7         Am7/G
	Softly as the wind blows
	     Fmaj7        G         Am
	Past portraits in shades of gray.

C     D            F           Am
Faces found at the dawn of the ages.
Am    D           F           E7
Faces lost in the pathways of time.
Dm7   G                 E7            Am
Faces trapped long past life in their cages.
Dm7           E7
Faces echoing minds.


Eyes that look but without understanding.
Eyes that stare but that never will see.
Eyes like yours, yet so cold and demanding.
Strange eyes looking through me.


Lips would speak if they could be unfrozen.
Lips would warn of the terrible cost.
Lips would wail at the half-life they've chosen.
Lying lips calling the lost.


Do not stop, do not look, do not listen.
Do not stare at the souls locked away.
Unliving, undying, the silver-gray glistens
Whispering half-truths that bid you to stay.

	(Chorus twice)