Lyrics and Music ©2024 by Bill Roper

I had been working on this song for a while, but it was cruelly shoved out of the way by "You Should Know", which was good and ready to be written right then. Well, this song made its way back to the top of my desk and got me to finish it, so here it is.

Asus2 Cmaj7 G D Asus2

I’ve summoned up a wheel of chance
To take us searching for romance.
     Fmaj7                          G6            Asus2
Each pocket is another world locked up in red and black.
Drop the ball and watch it spin,
Unlocking realms that lie within,
    Fmaj7                      G6          Asus2
But only for a visit and we’re never going back.

      Asus2                        Cmaj7
Let’s go and take a journey to the far side of what’s real.
      G                               D
We’re gonna drop the marble in, we’re gonna spin the wheel
    Asus2                              Cmaj7
And where it lands, we’re gonna go and see what is in store
  G                                 D
Until it’s time to go and spin that roulette wheel once more.
Once more.

We’re off to where the rockets fly
To carry us beyond the sky,
To see a blue-green marble while we’re walking on the moon.
Sending ships to outer space
To new homes for the human race.
You know we’d like to stay there but we have to leave too soon.

There’s mystery in a dragon’s eye.
Watch them soaring cross the sky.
Predator or partner on this world on which we stand?
Drop the ball and place your bet.
Your gambling hasn’t killed us yet.
Sound the horn and see if they respond to your command.

   Em7                                 Asus2
We bought a one-way ticket and there’s no way to return.
      G6                                 Fmaj7     Em7      Asus2
We’ll just keep moving forward and we’ll hope that we won’t burn.
Em7                             Asus2
All the worlds we might imagine in an endless stream.
    G6                       Fmaj7   Em7    Asus2
The wheel is our reality and home is just a dream.

Worlds of ice and worlds of fire.
Worlds unlocking mad desire.
Worlds as soft as feather down and worlds as hard as steel.
Sliding sidewise lost forever,
Prisoners of a spell so clever.
Everything we might desire and none of it is real.

(Final chorus)
Em7  Asus2
Once more.
Em7  Asus2
Once more.
Em7  Asus2
Once more.