Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

This appears to be another from the love song collection. Other than that, it may be one of those Rorschach blots that pops out every once in a while.

I don't interpret them. I just write them.

Cmaj7                        D
If you're walking round past midnight,
F      Am7            Bm
Take a look up at the starlight.
          Cmaj7             Em7
There's a new world waiting for us.
Let's go learn to fly
         C               D               G     F   C   D
And I'll meet you on the far side of the sky.

   Cmaj7           Bm7
In all your past romances
         Am7              Bm7
Were you out there taking chances?
          Am7           Bm7
Would you lay it on the line if there's
  Am7                 D         
A risk that you might fall?
        Cmaj7         Bm7
Did you harbor the suspicion
        Am7          Bm7
That in Cupid's competition
          Am7       Bm7
That your own humiliation
        Cmaj7           D
Was the point behind it all?

If you had the chance to take it
Would you fear that you might break it?
Would you think it much too fragile,
Much too dangerous to touch?
Or would you wait a little longer
For the feeling to grow stronger
In the hope that your temptation
Would not prove to be too much?

F                    Cmaj7
Did you ever stop to wonder
    Dm7            G                Cmaj7
Why any road would lead you back to me?
Dm      G               Em7      Am7
And I'm waiting for the sound of thunder
       Dm7           Em7
That's chasing after lightning
     Fmaj7                Em7
In a life that's much too frightening
   A     Cmaj7
To see,
To see.

If you'd like to come along now,
If you'd sing another song now,
If you'd travel on a journey
Of a million miles or more,
If you have no need to hide me
I would have you here beside me
And somewhere before we're done
I think we'll finally learn to soar.

There's a new world waiting for us.
Let's go learn to fly
And I'll meet you on the far side of the sky.