Puppet Master

Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

When I went to transcribe this song, I discovered two distinctly different hand-written versions lurking in my filk book. I'd say this is the better one of the two -- it's certainly the version that was recorded once, if I recall correctly.

There's a wonderful quote that I tripped across somewhere: If you look into the future, don't be surprised if the future looks back at you and has ideas of its own.

Am                   D
Magic pool of water, rippling looking glass.
G                           D
Light reflecting images now lost within my past.
Am             G              D
Turn the water inside out and cast the spell again.
Am           G          C       G           Am
Show me my tomorrow and not the things I've been.

I gaze into the water and I see the future clear.
Now the spell is shattered, but the future's drawing near.
I want to flee in terror  I walk calmly to the door.
The future's tugging at me now and I am free no more.

Am                             G
I have seen the future and the future has seen me.
D                             C
Now I know where I must go, I know my destiny.
Am                            D
Am I just a puppet now  free will forever fled?
         F             G                 F       G       Am
Will the puppet master pull my strings until the day I'm dead?

Waiting there outside the door, my best and oldest friend,
And I can only speak my lines until the drama's end.
"What did you see?" he asks me.  "What does the future hold?"
"Come in and stand beside me and watch as it unfolds."

He stares into the water, but now the water's clear.
He looks at me so strangely, but he doesn't know to fear.
I slide my knife between his ribs before he can ask why.
I hear the future laughing and, as he dies, I cry.


Now I'm locked within my cell  they say that I am mad.
My words and tears flow freely now  please understand I had
No choice, no power to change the course of days of future past
And still my words are scripted until I breathe my last.

(Alternate chorus)
I have seen the future and the future has seen me.
Now I know where I must go, I know my destiny.
Now I'm just a puppet  free will forever fled
And the puppet master pulls my strings until the day I'm dead.