One Last Dance

Lyrics and Music ©1998 by Bill Roper

>I wrote this song in Baltimore, right before Bucconeer, the 1998 WorldCon. I'd been mulling over Vernor Vinge's "Marooned in Realtime" and had an idea for an entirely different song than the one I ended up with. I should go back to the other idea someday...

Cmaj7             Am7                Dm7               G
Good to see you!  Glad you made it!  God, it's been so long!
Cmaj7              Am7              Dm7              G
I've been sitting, waiting for you, writing you this song.
Dm7                Fm6           Cmaj7           A7
We never could say never when it came to you and me.
Dm7                Fm6              Dm7             G
On the last day of forever, this is where we had to be.

Cmaj7                 Dm7
One last dance at the end of time.
     Cmaj7   Em7            A7
It's been so long and we've come so far.
   Dm7             Fm6
So find the music, find the rhyme.
      Em7            A7
We'll dance together one last time
  Dm7                                  G
Beneath the light of the final shining star.

Do you like it?  Can you see I made it just for you?
Built a world beneath this star and sprinkled it with dew.
The light's a little red because the sun's a little small,
But I had to make a miracle so we could meet at all.  (For)


Is it strange?  I guess it is.  The end of time and space.
But nothing could mean more to me than the chance to see your face,
To wrap my arms around you and to have you by my side
As we cross to a new universe and leave the one that died.  (After)


[Change chords on last line of final chorus to resolve.]
  Dm7                    G             Cmaj7
Beneath the light of the final shining star.