Nine Things

Lyrics and Music ©2007 by Bill Roper

My friend, Marty, posted on LiveJournal a meme about the ten things that you'd tell yourself if you had the opportunity to send a letter to your younger self. I thought this was an interesting idea, but that nine things sounded better. And here we are.

Amaj7                          E7sus4
It's one, two, three, over the mountain.
Amaj7                          Am7/G
Four, five, six, well, there's nothing we can't fix.
Dmaj7                    Dm6
Seven, eight, nine, everything will turn out fine
      Cmaj7                          E7
And I hope you will remind me in the end,
‘Cause you're still my friend.

Amaj7                        E7sus4
If you had a chance to do it over
    D6                 Dm6             Amaj7
And tell yourself nine things that you didn't know before,
Build yourself a life that's full of clover,
D6               Dm6                 Amaj7
Would I still be coming through your door?
G                                Amaj7
Nine things to change your life, nine to set you free,
G                                  E7
Nine to make you happy, please let one of them be me.

If you sat right down and wrote yourself a letter
And dropped it in the post, special delivery through time,
And told yourself nine things to make it better,
What message would you pen upon each line?
Nine things of sorrow, nine to break your heart,
Nine ways to tomorrow, and one to make a start.

	G              D6           Amaj7
	Nine things to save a life, nine things in a whirl,
	G              D6          E7
	Nine to save a planet, and one to save my world.

If we found a way to simply change them,
The nine things that have hurt us most across all of our years,
If we could reach out and rearrange them,
Would we find we're still the same without our tears?
Nine things once were broken, and nine things now are whole,
Nine messages now spoken, and one to save our soul.

(Chorus to coda)
      Cmaj7                          E7
And I hope you will remind me in the end,
                Amaj7       E7sus4
You're still my friend.
                Amaj7       E7sus4
You're still my friend.
                Amaj7       E7sus4    Amaj7
You're still my friend.