Mrs. Schaefer

Lyrics and Music ©2013 by Bill, Gretchen, and Katie Roper

Mrs. Schaefer was Katie's morning kindergarten teacher. One of the things they do in kindergarten is that they get weekly visits from "Mr. J" or "Ms. T" as the kids learn more about the alphabet and phonics. Each of the letters has its own little song.

Mrs. Schaefer lamented that although the letters each had their own song, she did not. Katie determined that this needed to be fixed.

And so we have.

The whole thing seemed to have gone well according to Katie. The class heard the song. Then the librarian heard the song. Then...

G                    C                   D               G
Mrs. Schaefer is our teacher’s name – it starts with an “S”
                 C               D               G
And in our kindergarten class we think she’s the best.
      C                              G
We’re learning how to read and we’re learning to rhyme
          A                        D
And we’re gonna have a really good time.

    G              C
Her classroom is inviting
         G           C
And it’s always so exciting
        G               C
And the reading and the writing’s
        D           G
Getting better each day.
      G                  C
We’re counting and we’re graphing.
         G             C
You will never find us napping
        G             C
And she always has us laughing
          D              G
‘Cause we learn while we play.

We’re sitting and we’re staring
At the story that she’s sharing
About a little girl that’s daring
With a plan going wrong.
The pages keep on turning
And we’re loving what we’re learning.
It’s a fever that is burning
That will last our life long.

She’s laying the foundation
Of a solid education
For the coming generation.
She’s a hero of the nation.

(Chorus to coda)
    G            C
I’m sorry now to leave you,
           G               C
‘Cause I’m really going to miss you.
        G            C
I’ll be back again tomorrow.
     D       G
I’ll see you soon.