Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

Even if love lasts forever, there are sometimes that there's just nothing you can do about it.

C                   Am              F                G
Hear the soft words spoken from the world beyond the glass,
E            Am              D
A voice that calls from ages past.
Carry me away!
Am      G                   F                 Am
I was a young man then when first I heard the call
F           G                 Am
And found I loved you best of all.

     C              D          F                Am
When portals opened wide and a warrior strode inside,
G                            D
Searching for a destiny that fate had once denied
         Am                G           F               E
When she cast a champion's soul upon a world a breath away,
  G                                   D
A world without a black and white and only shades of gray
      F                G           E                Am
Where magic long since fled and he knew that it was wrong
     G               F                 G            Am
That he was trapped upon a world where he did not belong.

Hear the soft voice calling from the world beyond the glass.
So many years have come and passed!
I was far away.
I was younger then when last I heard the call
From one I loved the best of all.

I was the Queen's right hand and I fought at her command
To drive the armies of the foe back from that emerald land.
And love grew between us till the day we were to wed,
When the foe's black magic spell cast me back to Earth instead.
As the portal closed with me trapped behind the wall,
You swore you'd bring me back, because you loved me best of all.

Hear the voice of love call from the world beyond the glass.
Too many years have come and passed.
Make it go away!
I am older now and cannot heed the call
From one I once loved best of all.

Time passed day by day and I knew that I would stay
Here upon this prison world where everything was gray.
I spent years alone after we were torn apart
Until another woman came and sought the hero's heart.
Through the love we share, she brought color to my life,
And now it has been twenty years that she has been my wife.

Can you see her sleeping from your world beyond the glass?
Too many years have come and passed.
I can't go away.
It's been so many years since last I heard the call
And now I love her best of all.