Miracle Man

Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

Now here's an unpleasant fellow. The walk on the bass strings of the guitar was nicely menacing when I found it and he was nice enough to show up to accompany it.

Dirty little secret: you get songwriting inspiration from the strangest places. Although this fellow is very little like the "Dark Messiah" character that Steve Gerber introduced in Daredevil and the Black Widow so many years ago, the blood-red eyes certainly stuck around.

Em            Em/B 
His blood-red eyes
Will pierce your disguise
And reveal your lies.
He's the miracle man.
Em                 Em/B
And they burn like coals
As he takes control
And he steals your soul.
He's the miracle man.
Am                    Em
No one knows where he came from.
F                       Em
No one knows where he's been.
Am                    Em
Need a savior?  He'll be one,
F                     Em
If you'll just follow him.

And when he's there
You're without a care.
He's beyond compare.
He's the miracle man.
And soon you'll find
Since you fell in line
That you've lost your mind
To the miracle man.
There's no pain, no decision  
You just follow along.
And you help with his mission  
You won't know that it's wrong.

His mind's red power
Growing by the hour.
One more soul devoured
By the miracle man.
And he strikes again
With the strength you lend.
Nothing can defend
'gainst the miracle man.
You and thousands beside him
See the power of his wrath
Crushing all who defied him  
Fools who stood in his path.

Now the world's in flame.
He's the one to blame.
Nothing is the same
Since the miracle man.
And his army grows
As his death wind blows.
Now everyone knows
He's the miracle man.
There's no power that can stop him
'ere his grim game is done.
You might say hell's a-poppin',
But he's just having fun.

Now we hear his call
For he's got us all
Everyone's in thrall
To the miracle man.
Now his game is done,
He's got everyone,
And we'll die as one
With the miracle man.