Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

I know exactly where and when this song was written. I was at the Atlanta Worldcon, sitting in my room, watching the masquerade on closed-circuit TV, waiting for Cindy and Jane to come on as the half-time entertainment. I was noodling on my guitar, watching the costumes go by, and the song showed up. I wasn't going to argue with it.

Am                     D
I can see you walkin' 'cross the stage  
C        G         F  D   E
Bluebird lady in a gilded cage.
Am               F              G       Am
If the door were open would you want to stay?
   D                E   Am
Or would you simply fly away?

	Am              D
	I'm lost in the masquerade.
	      F                            E
	Can I see your true face?  Why are you afraid?
	Am                    D
	Just tell me what you want to do.
	        F           E          Am
	Are you lost in the masquerade too?

They're calling out the numbers  now your number's up  
Tarot queen with a golden cup.
If you find your cup is empty, we could make it fill.
But would you only let it spill?


Headin' down the runway and you're lookin' fine  
Spider lady spinnin' out your line.
If I fell into your web would you set me free?
Or would you make a meal out of me?

	F       G             Am
	All our masks are the finest design  
	G                     Am
	You wearing yours and I wearing mine.
	F            G            Am
	They keep us hidden as we tell our lies.
	   D                        E
	Congratulations!  We've all won first prize.


Are you lost in the masquerade too?

Are you lost