Marvelous Me

Lyrics and Music ©2011 by Bill Roper

Erica and I were discussing the concept of a benevolent god, which would certainly seem to be good for us. Somewhat later, I considered that benevolent was not sufficient. You need to hope for competent as well.

A                 A7
Listen up, boys.  Listen up, girls.
      D                         Dm6
We're living in the best of all possible worlds
So throw out your books of history,
         D                   E7
‘Cause reality's not what it used to be.
          D                     Adim7
There are wonders as far as the eye can see
       E7                             D
All massaged by the mind of marvelous me.

A                A7
Weave and spin.  Cut the thread.
       F#m7                           B7
If the tapestry unravels, well, we'll end up dead,
    Bmaj7                        E7
But that's not the way I'm gonna make my plan,
            Bmaj7                 E7
‘Cause I've got the power to play destiny's hand.
    D                 E7            A            A7
The cards that we are holding may appear to be a wreck,
         D                 Adim7           E7
But I've learned to deal a couple from the bottom of the deck.

Reach through time.  Rearrange.
The secret is in knowing what you need to chnage.
I'm just the only one who understands
With power comes the wisdom that the job demands.
You know I do not do this to be mean,
But the consequence of inaction is quite easily foreseen.

    D                E7               A      A7
The world is so much better than it's been.
    D              Adim7      E7
I'm wiping out the evil – I'm wiping out the sin.
    D              E7              A            A7
And I will keep on working just as long as I am able.
      D         Adim7             E7
The reality I'm building's just a little bit unstable.

Easy as one, two, three,
Rewriting all the laws of probability.
The source of the power is a mystery,
But I'm the hand rebuilding all of history.
The world I have created is a lovely work of art,
But I have to keep on patching or it's gonna fall apart.