Love at First Sight

Lyrics and Music ©2004 by Bill Roper

So how do you fall in love at first sight? Maybe someone's trying to tell you something...

Cmaj7             Dm7
Love'll catch you without warning.
Cmaj7                 Dm7
Love'll find you on a sunny morning.
Fmaj7                   G
Or maybe some time on a gray afternoon.
Fmaj7                G            G7
Or even later by the light of the moon.
Cmaj7            Dm7
Love is special, love is grand.
Cmaj7                     Dm7
Love is something I still don't understand,
Fmaj7                      G
But I know there's nothing my love won't do
Fmaj7                      G           G7
Since the day I found that my love was you.

	Was it love at first sight?
	Did you remember both ways?
	A little memory from tomorrow
	Reaching back for today?
	Was it love at first sight?
	        E7        Am 
	Did you try to forget
	A vagrant memory from a future
	That had not happened yet
	In our love at first sight?

Stronger forces set in motion.
Wasn't magic or some number nine potion.
Just a feeling that I needed to know
What it was that set your eyes all a-glow.
I was trying to remember
Things I'd never known before that September.
Sitting, talking there and hoping to find
Things that tickled at the back of my mind.


	Fmaj7                    G
	There's a message from tomorrow
	Fmaj7                     G
	From a love that wants to be.
	Fmaj7            G
	From possible to probable
	Fmaj7                 G    G7
	To find you here with me.


There is action and reaction
And no way we can deny the attraction.
Sitting, smiling with our heads spinning round.
That kind of love'll turn your life upside down.
I know someday a little thought'll
Drop a message in a temporal bottle.
Send it floating up the current of time,
So we'll know that you will always be mine.

(Chorus twice)

It was love at first sight.
Love at first sight.