Last Ship Outbound

Lyrics and Music ©2012 by Bill Roper

So, I wrote a song for the FilkONtario songwriting contest on the topic of the "End of the World". This would have been ever so much more useful had that been the actual topic of the contest, which was instead the "End of Time". Oops.

But I got a song out of it anyway. :) And that's a good thing.

Em7       Cadd9     A7                           Am7
Last ship outbound, setting out to flee from the fire in the sky.
Em7       Cadd9            A7                              Am7      B7
Last ship outbound, you’ve got to be aboard her when she’s ready to fly.
  A7                                    Em7                         
I would not see you stay here, ‘cause I will not see you die.
Cadd9                        Am7               B7
You’re the lucky winner of a one-way ticket to ride
                 Em7       A7   Am7   Em7 A7 Am7 Em7
On the last ship outbound.

Em7                    Am7           C/G          D
You could have been an engineer or a politician’s son.
Em7                  C/G                       Am7/G          D  
You could have had a skill they thought they’d need beneath a foreign sun,
C/G            G/D              Em7               Am7
But you’re the reason that they saved one seat in every ten
C/G     G/D                Em7           A7              Am7    D
So we’d have the hope we’d be aboard her on the last day when  (We saw the)

We knew we never had a chance, but we signed up anyway.
Too few seats, too many folks, and not a chance to fly away.
Until they drew your name, one chance to race the fire.
We promised that we’d be on board and I won’t let you be a liar. (Be on that)

A7                               Em7
We knew there was no chance that both of us would fly.
A7                             Em7
Now you’re the one to live and I’m the one to die.
A7                              Em7
And though we might have chosen that we both would stay,
A7                                 B7
You’re the lucky winner and you’re gonna fly away (Upon the)

I will not see you stay here and throw your life away.
You’re gonna board that ship and live to see another day.
And when the nova’s light leaves nothing here behind,
I’ll be the memory that’s kept inside a single person’s mind  (Upon the)

Em7 A7 Am7 Em7 A7 Am7

Em7   A7    Am7      Em7
            Remember me.